World of Warcraft - LVL 34 and we faced Jungo!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

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This week was all about power leveling, I went from level 26 all the way up to level 34. I am getting used to my Goblin Hunter, and how my rotation works in combat. I guess the one thing I have not adjusted is the structure of the game. I know I am playing an older expansion, but everything is set up in fetch quests (kill x enemies, collect x items, etc).

We ended up helping the Torga take down the blood trolls, and kill their elite warrior Jungo. The story arc was pretty fun, and had me helping spiritual turtles, and fighting a giant Cthulhu. This was a nice change of pace from all the dinosaurs we have been dealing with since day 1 of World of Warcraft.

I am a bit disappointed on the dungeon structure as they have not been needed to progress any of the story as of yet. This is one thing that Final Fantasy 14 holds above WOW. Granted this is the old expansion I am playing, and the comparison isn't really fair however the age does show. Next week I will keep pushing through story content, and plan on going through another random dungeon if I need to.

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