World of Warcraft - Amazing what a new profession can do!

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In the last article, I had my doubts about World of Warcraft. Things were starting to get repetitive, the player base was toxic, and overall the experience was starting to wear on me. It has been 2 weeks since the last update, and that is mainly due to learning a new Hunter Sub Class, the Marksmen.

While it was cool having 2 pets as a Beastmaster, I just didn't feel strong in the game. Granted, with a iLVL 40 build, I am sure that is natural. How was I wrong! I swapped to Marksmen, and instantly was able to kill enemies in 1 shot! Tougher mobs would melt as well with an awesome combo of 'Double Tap' which hits 'Aimed Shot' twice in a row instantly! 'Rapid Fire' is solid as well, and when they are weaken 'Kill Shot' does massive damage below 20% HP.

Now that I have a solid rotation, decent single target DPS, will I still run into a toxic dungeon community? YES! This time not for me. I relived my first dungeon boot in Waycrest Manor, and they had nothing to say for me. Our healer would slam the doors shut and prevent people from walking in. Also stated that he was carrying the team. Finally, another damage dealer spoke up, and asked to boot him. Which failed twice. The entire dungeon had the 2 bickering back and forth, but we got the clear and some name calling after the final boss was slayed.

It has been interesting, and as I continue through the expansion pack of Battle of Azeroth I questioned to see if I should start fresh again, or continue with my Goblin Hunter. Maybe on the 3rd expansion.

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