World of Warcraft 2021 - LVL 41 and the feeling is changing

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

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I've noticed a patter in World of Warcraft as I making my way through the Battle of Azeroth expansion, and that is the mix and repeat take on the story quest. I don't know if Blizzard just doesn't care about the story or what they are thinking, but it started to hamper my enjoyment of the game.

Let me explain. Every quest line so far has been to obtain a paragraph of story, and unlocking 3 quest that contain a 'Kill X amount of enemies', 'Collect X amount of items', and 'Activate X amount of objects'. Once you complete these objectives, you turn in your quests, and move to the next NPC to get the next paragraph and 3 quests. The content is far from difficult. Is this really the "Greatest MMO"? Let's see if I can save this game.

I decided to spice things up, and do a few dungeon roulette's, buy selecting some of the lower tiered dungeons. I took part in Atal 'Dazar and The Underrot. The dungeons themselves were fine, and I finally got to see gameplay mechanics at work with The Underrot. In this dungeon, the final boss sprayed the field with a webbing that damaged us, and we had to purify the arena with a healing light.

This weeks play has been a mixed bag of emotions, and ultimately have me changing from a Hunter - Beast Master to a Hunter - Marksmen. I have watched a few videos that have shown that the DPS is WAY HIGHER with the Marksmen.

Next week, I will be trying to learn my rotation with the Marksmen, and avoiding any dungeons unless I feel confident.

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