What were we up to this week as we bring in 2021?

#Witcher #FinalFantasy #WorldofWarcraft

CptCodeman has been living it up with Geralt! He started the week off strong with some Soul Calibur 6, sprinkled in some Witcher 3, and ended off with an amazing sale on Immortals Fenyx Rising. He currently sits at 549 followers over at Facebook Gaming.

Ardea is new to streaming, but has already found some decent success! Already at 28 followers from his time adjusting streams with Final Fantasy 14, and Final Fantasy 13 during his downtime. Check him out now on TWITCH!!

Lastly, BEARTANK! I have switched focuses at we turn to 2021, and have released a new streaming schedule to help with my Youtube content. I will be uploading ASMR videos for World of Warcraft, Valhalla, and Skyrim. I will keep playing a bit of Resident Evil, but only once a week going forward. I am currently at 284 followers, and 14 on my ASMR Videos. I guess I should also keep track of my Youtube Live at 17 and Twitch at 6 as I use Restream.

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