Weekly Update 6 - 2/13/21

#ArdeaEmote #Undertale #ResidentEvil

Ardea coming off of his affiliate high, has been testing the new available features. Go check him out and test out hose new emotes! Spamming them will have them fly across his camera! What fun! Not to mention Ardea was able to clear E11S for another member of his team, even tho they disconnected right before the boss was killed! Somehow had the DPS to carry on. Ardea jumped up to 57 (5) followers.

CptCodeman has been infected with zombies! Playing a bit of Resident Evil 7, and getting fairly close to the end. There have been plenty of jump scares in this one! One more solid stream should do it! He is currently at 553 (1) followers on Facebook Gaming.

Beartank continued with Sea of Thieves and saved a sloop from a bully. The Galleon bolted when they realized it was a 2 on 1 fight. We gave chase a bit to teach them a lesson. He also started Undertale for the first time! Beartank increased to 295 (2) followers on Facebook Gaming, and 30 (+2) on his YouTube ASMR, YouTube Live at 34 (+3) and Twitch at 8 (0).

The Game Nook has launched a YouTube channel!! We are still at 5 (0) followers, and prepping a new video to be uploaded. What are you waiting for! Hit that FOLLOW BUTTON HERE! Did you check out the video for Kovox Pitch?

Missed last weeks update? See how things went right here, and next week's progress can be found here.

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