Weekly Update 4 - 1/30

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

#DevilMayCry #TheMedium #CyberShadow

This week Ardea has been getting clears for E11S again, for his group in FF14 that may have missed out. He did start playing Cyber Ninja and had his first raid!!! It was only 1 person, but the raid alert popped up in chat, and was exciting nonetheless! He is now at 35 (+2) followers.

CptCodeman has had his Devil May Cry week, and completed this game yesterday. THere is still time for the Virgil DLC, so it will be revisited again in the future. He maintains the 550 (0) followers on Facebook Gaming.

Beartank has been hammering through the Medium, and about half way through the game. It delivers, and a fun game if you don't mind the like of combat gameplay. Beartank maintained the 291 (0) followers on Facebook Gaming, and 25 (+3) on my Youtube ASMR, Youtube Live at 26 (+4) and Twitch at 8 (0).

The Game Nook has lauched a Youtube channel!! Lauched at 5 followers in the first week. What are you waiting for! Hit that FOLLOW BUTTON HERE!

Missed last weeks update? See how things went right here, and next week's progress can be found here.

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