Weekly Update 2 - 1/16/21

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

#finalfantasy14 #Hades #Witcher3

Poor Ardea. He has been on his raid for the 2nd clear counting for E11S. He has been attempting it for 11 hours at this point. His static knows the fight, but there is always 1 mistake. He has tried to clear with party finder, but same thing. He has brought the fight down to the bottom 5% multiple times. Hang in there, you can do it next week! No change in followers at 28 (0).

CptCodeman has overhauled his streaming layout! With all changes, come some technically issues, but he has taken things up to the next level! He currently sits at 552 (+5) followers on Facebook Gaming. The Captain has played plenty of Witcher 3 content this week, and uploaded a new YouTube video! He ended the week off with some only Gears 5.

Beartank is churning out that schedule and making things happen! Valhalla was sidelined in place of Hades this week, and appears to be removed off the table. Beartank is currently at 290 (+4) followers on Facebook Gaming, and 19 (+1) on my Youtube ASMR, Youtube Live at 21 (+1) and Twitch at 8 (+1).

Missed last weeks update? See how things went right here, and next week's progress can be found here.

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