Week 9 - 3/7/21

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Ardea and his raiding team are getting ready to move forward to end game content on the new expansion due. Unfortunately, that means that 2 of the fellow raiders did not make the cut. Never a fun time to restructure a team. Ardea has has his first loss down to 60 (-1) followers.

CptCodeman had some technical issues from the recent update for OBS. He had to change his 2 PC set up to 1 PC. This took him out for a few days as he had to set up everything from scratch. What he streamed was special guests from his niece and nephew for some Mario Party! He is currently at 561 (2) followers on Facebook Gaming.

Beartank it has been a Valhalla kind of week. He got the itch, and kept going at it. Beartank increased to 292 (-1) followers on Facebook Gaming, and 38 (+2) on his YouTube ASMR, YouTube Live at 36 (+1) and Twitch at 13 (1). Twitch is still dead haha.

The Game Nook has launched a YouTube channel!! We are still at 6 (+1) followers, and prepping a new video to be uploaded. What are you waiting for! Hit that FOLLOW BUTTON HERE! Did you check out the video for Vesper?

Missed last weeks update? See how things went right here, and next week's progress can be found here.

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