Week 8 - 2/27/21

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Ardea has gotten into speed running with Celeste! He has managed to beat the game 3 times this week, and look at how low his time is! The world record is around 25 minutes, so plenty of work is needed to get there. Can we admire that layout tho? Ardea has moved up to 61 (2) followers.

Speaking of clear times! CptCodeman has cleared Resident Evil 2, at just over 8 hours on his first attempt ever. He is excited to start Claire's story line, and a few other projects coming up in March. He is currently at 559 (4) followers on Facebook Gaming.

Beartank took a day off from streaming due to a 10k race, but outside of that it was business as usual. There were a few failures in WOW this week with a overconfident tank, that lead to the healer quitting. Beartank increased to 293 (-2) followers on Facebook Gaming, and 36 (+3) on his YouTube ASMR, YouTube Live at 35 (+0) and Twitch at 12 (4). Twitch is still dead haha.

The Game Nook has launched a YouTube channel!! We are still at 5 (0) followers, and prepping a new video to be uploaded. What are you waiting for! Hit that FOLLOW BUTTON HERE! Did you check out the video for Trial of Ayash?

Missed last weeks update? See how things went right here, and next week's progress can be found here.

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