Week 12 - 3/27/2021

#Ardea #Beartank #CptCodeMan

Missed last week, but we are back at it! Sorry for the lack of content. Daylight savings and heading back to office has sucked a lot of my time and energy. I have also been pushing and updating my ASMR channel as well and revamped my gear. I plan on getting things back to normal in April.

Ardea and his raiding team seem like a different group. There is laughter and jokes with the clears. They are even doing content outside of raids with the time they have saved with the changes. Ardea has maintained at 61 (1) followers. He has 39 subscribers on Youtube.

CptCodeman is pushing that Devil May Cry with the ORIGINAL! He is near the end of the game, and has been playing some Monster Hunter World as well! He is currently at 569 (5) followers on Facebook Gaming. Currently sitting at 8 subscribers (0).

Beartank has been caught in a loop...Loop Hero that is. A really fun indie title. Beartank increased to 294 (0) followers on Facebook Gaming, and 42 (+3) on his YouTube ASMR, YouTube Live at 44 (+5) and Twitch at 14 (1).

The Game Nook has launched a YouTube channel!! We are still at 6 (0) followers. What are you waiting for! Hit that FOLLOW BUTTON HERE!

Missed last weeks update? See how things went right here, and next week's progress can be found here.

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