Week 1 - 1/9/21 Highlights

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

#Skyrim #FinalFantasy #WorldofWarcraft

It is MMO mania over here this week

CptCodeman streamed World of Warcraft and pushing through in Shadowlands, and capped the week off with some Call of Duty. He currently sits at 547 followers over at Facebook Gaming which is a decrease of 2. Check him out to pump that number back up! He just posted his new schedule for January.

Ardea is still setting up his look and perfecting that audio. No change in followers at 28. Check him out now on TWITCH!! You will see plenty of FF14 and FF13 action depending if it is a raid night or not. They cleared E11S, and working on the loot drops.

Beartank, I have stuck to my schedule of WOW, Skyrim, but diverted from Valhalla to bring some Meatboy. I got A+ on all world 1 Light and Dark Stages. I am currently at 286 (+2) followers on Facebook Gaming, and 18 (+4) on my Youtube ASMR, Youtube Live at 20 (2) and Twitch at 7 (+1) as I use Restream.

Next week's progress can be found here.

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