The Medium - Review - Microsoft's 1st true next gen exclusive

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I feel like we can officially christen the new gen with one of the first games that uses next gen tech! The Medium is out now on Xbox and Steam, and is heavy on PC specs, and requires an SSD...but is it any good?

You play as a medium, Marianne, who receives a strange phone call as she is preparing a body for a funeral. This call leads her to an abandoned hotel where there was a massacre. Since Marianne is a medium, she is able to connect with the other side, and during these moments requires the power of the SSD. The game is rendered twice, for a really cool gaming effect as you navigate puzzles and spiritual dangers.

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In terms of gameplay, there is not any combat. Many will dismiss the game on this alone, but you are in for a treat if you are able to see beyond this staple in gaming. In short, imagine Resident Evil or Silent Hill without any of the enemies, but the creepiness and puzzle solving is still there. Overall the game is not difficult, and the puzzles are solved easily. I would have preferred a higher challenge in this department.

Things I liked:

- The characters in the game are very intriguing.

- The pacing is great! They don't have any fluff.

- The game is very dark and creepy.

- The 2 world gaming is a fantastic idea, and really helps with the mood.

Things I disliked:

- The 2 worlds could have been so much more.

- The 2 worlds are taxing on a PC. I struggled to maintain smooth gameplay during these scenes on a 2070 Super.

- Puzzles are a bit too simple.

- You won't die too often in this game.

The Medium is out on Gamepass, and it is worth the price of admission on this alone. If you can get passed the fact there is not any combat and possibly dark story telling, this is a game that is worth playing!

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