The Medium - Next Gen is here!

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The Xbox SX and the PS5 are revealed. Cross-gen game after cross-gen game are announced, but then they revealed Ratchet and Clank and The Medium. The 2 games that finally utilize the SDD and true next gen titles! Is it good though?

My initial thoughts of The Medium are fairly positive! I am enjoying the premise of the game where control the character in 2 different worlds at the same time. As the promotional art shows, you have the abandoned hotel on the left, and the spirit world on the right. This isn't how the game is at all times, but my experience is about a 50/50 split as most of the puzzles happen where you need to interact in both worlds to open, flip switches, and push items in the worlds to allow entry in the other.

In the first 2 hours there is not any combat, and all the deaths come from being separated from your body for too long, or not having enough spirit energy to protect you as you walk through sinister spirits. There is also a stealth segment, that isn't all so bad, but you will have to discover that for yourselves.

Out now on Gamepass and Steam.

(The game has a fixed camera system, so I unfortunately missed my chances to show off the detailed characters. The area I ended was a worn down hotel, but there are a variety of lush areas!)

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