Super Meat Boy Forever - Review

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At long last, the release of Super Meat Boy Forever, but is it worth it?

Before we get into the review, I would like to address that this game is an auto runner. I was shocked when I booted up the game. I was not expecting this to the be the case on the trailers I have watched up to this point. With that said, it keeps the core values of Super Meat Boy and expands on level designs and bosses.

Each world consists of 6 stages and 1 boss fight, with the stages added a new layer to the gameplay. For example, in world 1-1 you learn the basics on jumping over saws, while in world 3 you will find yourself punching blocks to cover exposed spikes. The boss fights are a fun break in the gameplay, however they can be beaten in 60 seconds once you figure out what needs to be done. I do not say that lightly, as these fights are extremely difficult, and the final boss took me 62 minutes and 130 deaths to clear.

There are plenty of things to do in this game. Each stage has a time trial, perfectionist run, and the occasional pacifier pick up to unlock up to 24 characters. The game has a time limit that you need to complete to unlock the dark world in either A+ or S rank.

Things I liked:

- Precise and difficult platforming

- Tons of unlockable stages and characters

- Punishing, yet fair difficulty

Things I disliked:

- The shock it was an auto runner makes me wonder what could have been

I highly recommend Super Meat Boy Forever for anyone who is looking for an excellent side scroller that will keep them entertained for hours. Be warned, that this is not an easy game, and I racked up 1,326 deaths in my first run through the game in 4 hours.

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