Super Meat Boy Forever Impressions

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It will take me Forever to beat this game. I just played a bit of Super Meat Boy Forever, and it was pure gaming joy. I was initially thrown back when the gameplay was an auto scroller, but I quickly became thankful as I was too focused on my timing on jumps and punches.

In my time playing, I took down the first world which included a boss. I was not sure how they would do a boss fight, but it had 4 nodes that required punching to reduce the health. While doing this, Bandage Girl was bouncing off the walls to dodge oncoming attacks.

After I beat the first world, I took down 1-1, in the time trial. This does not have to be cleared in 1 life thankfully. There is an award for a zero death run. Once you complete the time trial, you unlock the Dark World. There are more intense gears and jumps in this stage.

I played for about 90 minutes so far, and just loved the game. This is NOT an easy game by any means, so be warned. I died 138 deaths in one of the first stages alone with near pixel perfect jumping required.

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