Sands of Aura - Demo impressions

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We are coming at you with another demo from the Steam Game Festival with Sands of Aura.

Sands of Aura is a souls-like indie game with a variety of weapons to choose from (hammer, spear, dagger, glaive, etc). Like a souls-like game, you have to manage your stamina bar with your attacks and dodges. Each weapon had their own unique feel to them, so plenty of weapons to fit any playstyle.

What makes the combat unique is the cleansing of weapons. After so many attacks, the blood of your enemy makes your weapons become corrosive, and needs to be cleaned to get back to a normal attack status. First glance of the trailer, you know you are in for a fun treat!

I ended my play through on the demo with a challenge where you had to survive a wave of hordes. I was fighting off close ranged enemies, while dodging the long ranged attackers. It felt great when you dropped your ultimate and destroying the entire set of enemies in 1 attack. Pretty excited to see how this game will turn out, please go check them out:

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