Playing WOW for the first time in 2020.

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

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Isn't he cute? My first character in World of Warcraft. I am currently going through the free trial of World of Warcraft where they cap you at level 20. My Goblin is a LVL 17 Hunter with an adorable pet scorpion. Before I submit my thoughts, I am coming off Final Fantasy 14 with many classes at the max of 60 from the Heavenward days.

My first impression of WOW had to be the graphics. They are very stylized, if not outdated. The game has been around for 15 years, so it is understandable. My second reaction had to be the tank like controls. This reminded me of the older Resident Evil games, and I was not anticipating these controls at all. Luckily, I just went thought the first Resident Evil, so it wasn't a total shock for me.

Once I settled into the world, I found myself enjoying the characters and environments. WOW gets you up and running pretty quick, and provides plenty of attacks and actions right off the bat. I can easily see a new gaming to the MMO genre being completely overwhelmed. I quickly picked up on the rotation of attacks between the 2 or 3 moves that made the most sense, along side with 2 pets! I have made short work of my enemies so far.

I also attempted a PVP match as well. As a fan of Sealed Rock in FF14, I had to see how this played. My LVL 13 hunter fought for the Horde, and was nuked pretty quick and often. Learning from my mistakes, I started attacking from my maximum range, and dealing damage where I could. I managed to get 6 assist kills in a row at one point! Unfortunately, we lost in the end, but gave me enough to know the PVP is something I will enjoy.

As my time in WOW comes to an end for the free trial, I see myself picking up the new expansion for #shadowlands. Come back in 2021 to see how my progression will take place.

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