My first Week of World of Warcraft in 2021

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

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Starting WOW has been interesting this week. I have completed 2 dungeons, and both were not friendly to the noobs. I joined my first dungeon at Freehold, and it was mid dungeon. The tank was a beginner, just like me, and was very apologetic, but the guy I replaced did not have the same understanding. My second dungeon, I was booted at Waycrest Manor. It wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't wait until 70% of the dungeon was cleared, but that is how it goes. Let's take a look at my character:

At this moment, I need to check to see if it was my attack rotation, or if it was equipment. Feel free to judge the ASMR video that I uploaded at this link. I feel the rotation is sloppy as I am adjusting to using the keyboard to attack instead of the mouse, but not enough to kick me out due to low DPS. I looked at my gear, and my level 26 hunter had an ilvl13 gear set. My weapon was level 14. I found my issue.

I am focusing on single player content at the present time until I can get more gear. I have a friend who is providing me a new bow as I am having a hard time finding this at the NPC's, and we will attempt a dungeon later tonight.

Ultimately, starting WOW has been confusing and frustrating trying to learn an MMO after 15+ years of content. I knew this coming in, and will not be giving up! I am improving with each play through, but there is just so much content. I don't know how to interact with characters, and how to chat in specific groups not that I really need that currently. I also haven't attempted crafting in any sorts as well.

Let's see how next week goes!! Stay tuned!

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