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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

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I have spent my time playing Deep Rock Galactic with a full squad, and have had a blast doing so. Deep Rock is currently on Gamepass, and if your squad is looking for a fun co-op experience this is a must play!

In Deep Rock you can choose between 4 classes (Gunner, Scout, Driller, Engineer), and explore procedurally generated caves while you mine resources and fight off hordes of alien bugs. The environments are fully destructible as I found out with the Driller, my character of choice. My first game, I wasn't sure how the game will play, and I used my hefty drills, and starting plowing down to the center of the Earth...into a hole that I was unable to escape...leaving my team 1 Dwarf down.

Each class is equipped with a different set of skills. The engineer gets to lay down turrets, the Gunner has a mini gun, the Scout can light up the way and zip line, and the driller can drill his way through the environment without using a pickaxe. The driller also gets to use a flamethrower that is very good for crowd control, a perfect mix to my playstyle in these kind of games.

What I like:

This is a well done, co-op, first person shooter. The market needs to have more games like this. This is just good, old fashioned, fun.

The weapon variety between classes will make each player feel unique, and a valuable part of the team. You can level each class up individually.

Difficulty options. Hard mode really requires your team work to take a step up. In normal, we could wonder around, and do whatever we liked. In Hard mode, this tactic had us restarting our mission in shame.

What I dislike:

The game can have you lost in darkness. You get 5 rechargeable light sources that you can throw to help illuminate the cave. With 4 players this isn't so bad, but wonder by yourself and your vision will be limited.

It is easy to lose track of your team. When the ziplining, platform creating, and hole punching that is happening, I feel that the game could use a better tracking system. It would be nice to be able to highlight a newly formed hole, or other layouts that have been crafted to allow your team to make their way to that location.

This game is not as fun by yourself. The game is still playable, but I found my enjoyment being amplified when I was playing with my friends.


If you do not have friends to play with, and do not have Gamepass, this game may not be for you. Gather your buddies, and this can be hours of entertainment.

Developer: Ghost Ship games

Available NOW on Xbox and PC

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