Children of Morta Review

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

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There are few games that leave such a lasting impression as Children of Morta. As the game begins you are introduced to Bergson family who quickly become overrun by a corruption that grows throughout the game.

I cleared the game in a solo playthrough, and started the game's Hard Mode with the new DLC character. Children of Morta is similar to a Diablo in terms of the top down action. Each dungeon is randomly generated as you play between the cast of family who are all unique.

What I like:

The Narrator was an excellent choice in telling the story as you are welcomed with snippets of story and character development after each dungeon.

The corruption mechanic was a really nice way of forcing the player to try multiple characters. The more you play as a character the weaker they become and need to sit out of the next area until they are fully rested.

The roguelike elements can make for some fun builds. You will find different items that are permeant, but you will also find items that will deplete after use that can tweak your attacks.

The gameplay is just fun. You may be running for your life, or you will have a ring of explosions as you rush through the enemies. You will die to some of the bosses as you figure out their move sets. The skill tree and Bergson family keeps the gameplay fresh the entire time!

What I dislike:

The worlds can get a bit repetitive once you realize the format of the game. World 1-1 is essentially the same as world 1-2 with less floors and a different boss.


I have recommended this game to many of my friends, and they have all loved their experience. One of my friends experienced the couch co-op mode and had a wonderful time together!

Developer: Dead Mage

OUT NOW on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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