Kovox Pitch - Baseball Rhythm game?!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

#KovoxPitch #RhythmGame #IndieGame

Donkey Konga, Guitaroo Man, Rockband, Kovox Pitch?! We have a new rhythm game to add to the list of classics! While the demo only had a few songs to choose from, it was enough to show off the foundation of a great game.

The gameplay is simple, hit the baseball in the circle, and you are rewarded perfect for a center hit. There are red and blue colored balls that will have you alternating between your buttons. The twist are the 2 baseball machines that are throwing your pitches in 2 lanes! You have to alternate between the machines to keep the combo going.

Feel free to check out the gameplay sample as I go through the tutorial and a few levels of the game. This was one of the many games that I will be showing off from the Steam Game Festival to highlight indie games before they launch, so don't forget to add it to your wish list before you forget!

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